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Museo Civico Polironiano - Museum - Mission


  1. the Museum aims to disseminate and broaden the knowledge and the attendance of the ancient Benedictine monastery of Polirone (1007 - 1797) that in medieval times was the main point of irradiation of the reclamation of the Po valley between the city of Mantua and Emila.
  2. Il Museum preserves and displays a collection of archaeological artefacts originating in the place, reflecting the presence of artistic and architectural transformations of the former monastery.
  3. The museum aims to exploit a wealth of artifacts of Po Valley popular culture ("Material" and "immaterial").
  4. The Museum is a center for collection, preservation, study of its assets and its broader context. It is characterized as a place of social participation, cultural development, scientific research.
  5. The Museum aims to satisfy different audiences, taking into account their respective responsibilities and requirements: local, national, international public, adult and especially school-age visitors.
  6. The Museum for the visitor must be a privileged place of encounter with the social reality of today and yesterday, represented either by displaying a series of objects, by the discovery of images, sounds, oral testimonies, written documents, social relations, visions of the protagonists of the folk world. The Museum’s priority is to promote dialogue between generations, encouraging direct contact between the bearers of tradition and visitors (especially young).
  7. Il Museum points to the constant renewal of the exposition, the development of its research projects, improvement of information services and training activities.
  8. The museum promotes the study and cataloging of its collections and will work on the extension to promote cultural heritage, landscape and the area ecomuseum Valley.
  9. Every single object or document exhibited at the Museum should be a first stimulus to the curiosity of visitors, especially the younger and less prepared, triggering the desire to search for information and meaningful relationships in order to better contextualize the findings from the historical, geographical, social and cultural point of view.
  10. The museum should have spaces for temporary exhibitions.
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